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Birth Announcement Signs
(can also be used for baby showers)


stork yard sign renals michigan stork yard cards

                Stork - Boy          Stork - Girl                   


baby moon sign rentals moon girl lawn greeting sign

                   Moon - Boy            Moon- Girl                   

big baby lawn sign yard card big baby lawn sign yard card rentals

Baby Boy                   Baby Girl

(plaque in picture not painted)


  twins signs for the yard

(plaque colors correspond with sex of baby)


stork signs star displays

*Add 10 Stars or Baby Bottles 
to any sign rental 
for an Ultimate Display!

(See below for pricing)

sibling star plaque with mmon baby sign

Big Brothers and Big Sisters can feel special too...
Sibling Signs $20.00 each
(plaques are yours to keep and they can
be made to say what ever you want)


 Plaque Samples

free baby plaque

free baby keepsake plaque

star plaque baby keepsake

baby star keepsake plaque

Stork Samples



7 day rental
10 day rental



7 day rental
10 day rental



7 day rental
10 day rental



7 day rental
10 day rental


(2 signs & 2 plaques)

7 day rental
10 day rental


(3 signs & 3 plaques)

7 day rental
10 day rental


Add 10 stars or baby bottles to any sign



Sibling Plaque



"It's a Boy/Girl"
TY Beenie Baby with
2 mylar balloon bouquet


1 day baby shower rental



1 day baby shower rental
plus gift certificate for a 7 day rental



Sibling T-Shirt
(I'm the big brother / big sister)

Available in sizes;

18 months, 2T, 3T, 4T, Youth (5-6), Youth (7-8).


Stork Plush Beanies



Pay by Credit Card


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