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Critter greetings for all occasions like birthdays, graduations,
anniversaries, weddings, new baby, over the hill, baby shower,
bridal shower, get well, welcome home, retirement, proposals,
apologies, christenings, bar/bat mitzvahs,. holidays, congratulations,
grand openings, and more!

Surprise someone with a yard card greeting they will never forget!
Choose from a variety of critters to greet your loved one as
they look outside their door.

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buzzard yard card baby bottle yard lawn greeting

Cows, Stars, Flamingos, Tombstones,
Buzzards, Baby Bottles, Grad Smiley, and Candles

Here are a few of our favorite yard card sayings...

Cow Display

1. Holy cow Danny is 40 now! Happy Birthday!
2. Michael, don't have a cow, you're only 30 now! Happy Birthday!
3.Happy Birthday Dan. Hope your day is udderly fabulous!
4. Danny's an udder year older, Happy Birthday!
5. Michael, it's your birthday. Milk it for all it's worth!
6. Lordy, lordy, look who's 40!
7. Your 60 Michael, party till the cows come home!
8. Dan, you don't look calf your age!
9. Milk it for all it's worth! Happy retirement Michael!
10. Have an udderly fantastic retirement, Dan!

Buzzard Display

1. Happy Birthday Dan, you old buzzard!
2. Happy Birthday Dan, from all the old birds!
3. Buzzard, Buzzard go away, Michael's only 30 today!
4. The old buzzard is 50! Happy Birthday Michael!
5. We know you're buzzin to get outta here, Dan. Happy Retirement!
6. We buzzed in to wish Michael a Happy Birthday/Retirement!

Tombstone Display

1. How old you may wonder. Dan is almost 6 feet under!
2. Hi ho hi ho...over the hill Michael goes! Happy Birthday!
3. Danny, here lies your youth! Happy 50th Birthday!

Flamingo Display

1. Michael's 30???Get the flock outta here!
2. You'll honk and we'll flap for Dan's 60th Birthday!
3. Danny a little birdie told us you're 50!
4. Michael's still flyin high at 75! Happy Birthday!
5. The flock's in shock! Happy Birthday!
6. We're on the scene because Michael's 16!


If the signs are a surprise, 
we can leave a special note on the door, 
free of charge!

Just tell us what you want it to to say.




10 Critters
with message board

1day rental


Additional critters with rental
* Subject to availability


$3.00 each additional critter
Example 10 additional = $30.00

Flamingo Plush Beanies


$8.00 ea.

If you would like the critters left overnight, please call for pricing...


(248) 217-6074

Pay by Credit Card

(248) 217-6074

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